Writing for A Big Audience of One  

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At heart, communications work is one to one. You may be tasked with writing for a large audience, but connection with that audience is built one person at a time. Think about them. Write for them.

Who is the one person engaging with your words? Where is that face in the conference crowd listening to your presentation? Who has their eyes on the writing- not racing, but reading?


That’s who you’re writing for. That’s what you’re working for: the click. The yes from your audience, one person at a time.

What do you want your writing to do?

Your work may be contributing to a body of knowledge being built one research project a time.

Your work may be the piece that creates the shift once a body of knowledge is developed and it’s clear that changes are needed. You may be writing to give an individual resources for medical decisions, or writing for a company to make decisions about a new direction in business.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a jargon-rich report for jargon-wise peers, a plain language article for patients, or a fundraiser promotion piece for potential donors: you’re writing to connect. What you write is a line of energy extending information to charge someone with ideas. You’re writing for a change of heart or change of mind. You’re writing to convince them they could, can, or should shift. You are writing to connect with meaning.

Know your audience. Honour them. Connect.


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