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Websites are made to connect and to move people. You want them to donate or buy. You want them to find resources or support. Whatever your website’s purpose, you need to make people feel welcome and comfortable moving around.

Imagine your website in real life- what kind of building is it? A factory? An office? A home?

Let’s say it’s a home. Imagine your visitors: strangers at the door. A visitor can land at your site in many ways, so when they do they need to see who they’re visiting.

Make the information introducing yourself or your organization easily visible. Share what you want them to know about you. Do you want to share your mission? Your values?

Think about how you move your visitors around the house. Are the halls light or dark? Is information easy to find, or difficult, down long narrow hallways with doors off of doors? Is there a map to the house if someone gets lost?

Consider your art or photography on the walls. Ponder your colours and tones. What do you want the imagery to convey about your site and identity?

The windows are your links to the outside world. Make sure they look onto meaningful views.  Make sure they connect with views you believe in. Choose them to build your credibility and connection.

If your house is extremely tidy with nothing on the walls, so clean and lacking personality, someone could walk right through it without getting an impression. Then again, you don’t want it cluttered with old stuff that you’re so used to seeing you see it anymore (or worse, unavailable). How old are those New Resources?).

You want enough information that visitors get a feel for you, and can sense your presence and personality. Make yourself clear. Make yourself visible at the heart of your house. Help your visitors realize, “Yes, this is where I need to be.”


Image: The back alley door

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