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I’m fond of well used hashtags, so I like this one: #BeingHungrySucks.  It’s a tag, it’s a statement, and it’s a campaign driven by A Better Life Foundation, whose mission is to raise funds towards food security (a significant social determinant of health) as well as provide job training and employment opportunities. Programs serve Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a trauma ridden neighbourhood that’s also rich in community and heart.

#BeingHungrySucks has its own gorgeous microsite (not for every non-profit, but worth considering) that balances great visuals and facts to encourage donations.  It’s punchy and precise. ‘Tis the season for many appeals, so if you’re making one, you have to do so wisely and well.  A Better Life Foundation does this one well.

Kudos to the team behind it and here’s hoping a lot of food goes into deserving bellies. I’ve donated and encourage others to do the same if they’re able.


Image: MaxStraeten, MorgueFile 

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