Eyes Over Words: the Photo 365 Challenge

Day 25

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As blogs do, this one is evolving. I started with the best of intentions: once a week, possibly twice a week. I have two teenagers, a partner, a full-time job and a dog. Guffaw and roll your eyes with me: what was I thinking?

I write every day on the job, often producing blogs at speed and managing social media. I love it, and to keep at it, I need to get away from words. I’ve been thinking about the recharge needed to bring my best to my work, and was inspired when a friend told me about a photography challenge. If this inspires anyone else, wonderful, but please don’t pass it on as a chain challenge.

I got my first chain letter from a friend when I was seven. It told me something horrible would happen if I didn’t write a letter to five others within five days. My mom told me it was a lie designed to scare me and I would be just fine. I wouldn’t lose friends, and nothing would happen. If I remember correctly, she also phoned the kid’s mother to give her hell.

Day 41

Chain challenges are still circling about. They appear all the time on Facebook with similar dire warnings about what a horrible person or friend you are if you don’t repost. In the ever changing whim of what I do or don’t see on Facebook, it is thankfully easy to let them go.

However, the not-a-chain-challenge of the 365 Project has me hooked.  The 365 Project has participants take a picture every day. I choose to post mine, but you don’t have to. You don’t owe anyone your creativity. I’ve been at it for just over a month, and it’s made me stretch in subject and composition. I started October 1 and am moving through the seasons with decay as the start, which has been excellent: fall is very photogenic.

Day 23

I like that photography prompts me to think about visual composition, which is essential in writing too- especially if developing plain language or visual materials. I use the camera on my phone because I almost always have it with me. It has tools that are great enough for what I want to do.

I’m working on a couple of series ideas, something I’ve done with my pics of Miller the Dog, but am doing with other photos too.  No surprise: he has his own hashtags: #MillerMan (which is also used by others) and #longlowwhite (so far, his alone).

It’s not a chain, it’s a challenge. Embrace it if you wish.



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