Into Monday with Grace

The alarms have started, bells and plinks that will play several minutes apart. My son uses three; my daughter two, pulling them from sleep, these steps into morning marked with sound. I put on the kettle for tea.

Moving into Monday is required, running into it is not.

I’ve come across a couple of pieces that wonderfully reminded me of that. This morning it was Dr. Bryan Vartabedian’s Attention and Mindfulness: Some Curated Readings. I’ve been following Dr Vartabedian’s blog for a few years; I like reading his thoughts on where medicine and technology intersect. This piece is excellent for a Monday, examining the space between your handheld device and your mind, among other points.

The next read is about pace and space. It’s about creativity, teamwork, and brainstorming. It examines why brainstorming is actually counterproductive to what we think it is and suggests better ways. It’s a good read for any group leader to consider.

If you find Mondays hard, you’re not alone, and if you want help easing into the week, Destress Mondays provides tips to help start the week fresh and positively. Forbes offers tips for structuring your Monday, including scheduling something that will produce results right away, so you can start your week feeling accomplished rather than dragged down.

If you are feeling dragged down, it may be Monday, or it may be more. Workplace mental health and illness is a significant issue; over 500,000 Canadians miss work each week because of it. For leaders looking for workplace mental health resources, the Mental Health Commission of Canada has a list of tools and training programs to support your team.

Whatever your Monday holds, here’s hoping yours is productive at a pace that’s right for you.


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