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Cocoon in a fold of paint.
I am crazy about Instagram. It’s my first-thing in the morning, last thing at night channel. Before tea or coffee even, it’s Instagram. I love connecting beyond words with the views of people all over the world.  I think I get a feel for some people through their captions, others use few captions so it’s just about the photos. Some I might sense through their profiles, others are so whimsical it’s hard to tell.

This is part of what I love about Instagram: a lot of it is poetry. It’s like a net. There are strings of words, but it’s really about what you see through them.  

Many businesses use Instagram for marketing. If  you’re interested in a 101 on Instagram marketing, check out A.J. Agrawal’s piece for Forbes.  Want some inspiration? Here’s how some of the big brands get it done.  If you want make sure you’re managing your posts just right, here are 9 Powerful Time-Saving Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

I use Instagram for joy. I love challenging myself to see the world a little differently everyday. I like thinking about framing and balance and light. All of these things come into play when writing, so considering them when creating or looking at photos is helpful for another part of my brain.

I also use it for speed. I use it for a slower pace. In the course of my work I spend a lot of time online flying quickly over and through words, looking for the right research piece, the best resource, the clearest direction to help someone. Many of us do this every day. Instagram allows a slower pace of visuals, not tangles of words. Instagram helps me balance my work.

If you haven’t seen these, here are a few accounts that are worth a look:

One of my favourites is EggsandJam, not only for his fantastic photos, but his profile, which makes me laugh: “German. No style. Bad humour. Probably older than you are.”

Timothy Keller, on Instagram as TomothyK is “Lost in San Francisco.” His photos of his beloved city remind me of how lovely it is. I’ve been there twice and his work make me look forward to visiting again.

June Hunter is a Vancouver-based artist who shares her work and photos of crows, her dog Geordie, and Edgar, the Scottish Fold cat. I met her at the optometrist’s office and have followed her work since, even visiting her studio. She photographs her view of the Eastside.

Three other locals I love: artist Amy Stewart, whose posts are more than paintings, which on their own are beautiful.  VancouverKingsway makes our frequently grey city vivid. Nick Routley, aka phanyxx, often captures Vancouver from the ground up.

New accounts I’m following as of this morning come from 10 Nunavummiut Instagrammers To Follow. I’ve been across Canada side to side, but I haven’t been up north, so I’m excited to see what they share.

Internet Addiction is Killing Your Photography says A.B. Watson, a New Zealand based photographer who urges the reader to stop clicking Facebook and start clicking a shutter. If you’re looking for more creativity, give it a go by all means, but you can use Instagram just as a viewer. Take a look, and see what it gives you.


Image: My goal is often to look closely. This cocoon revealed itself as the dog snuffled about below.  

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