Friday Finds: Blogging for Good  

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Here are three pieces I appreciated this week on writing and marketing, two things that communications people must always consider. If you want the synopsis fast, it’s write now, write for good, and write to be present.   

Write Now. The end of January is at the end of the weekend. This weekend. If you have any New Year’s resolutions you were thinking about, it’s still legit to propel them into action in be January, but February is… soft. Stacey Roberts says you should start blogging in the New Year, with a number of good reasons. I  like connect and inspire; we can use that these days.

Write for Good. I found Michele C Hollow’s Blogging for the Greater Good via the one above (follow links; they pan out), and it’s a few years old, but I like it nonetheless. Hollow has an issue (animal welfare) and urges readers to adopt it too. She lists several ways to get readers on board and emphasizes the the power of the positive slant, even when writing about tough things.

Write to Be Present. Even if you don’t call your blog a blog, David Meerman Scott says you need one for a consistent marketing presence. He cites examples of people who have relied on social platforms to build their brand, and lost it all when the platform has folded. He says long term marketing success is based in owning your own space.

He makes a good point- we don’t know how any social site might change; even professional networking standard LinkedIn just changed its look. Having your own site and presence means you can establish a foundation and decide where to share. I don’t share my dog blogs on LinkedIn, but I have posted my professionally oriented pieces there, keeping this site for the melange of writing I like to do.

Three thoughts, three plans. My plan for the weekend is getting another blog written and watching my son in a basketball tournament. Happy Friday, folks!


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