Twitter Tip: Hold That Hashtag

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I’ve managed several work-related brands and my own Twitter stream for seven years, so I’m not a newbie to wading through the rapid fire of tweets and hashtags. I use both TweetDeck and Hootsuite for management and have multiple streams on the go when I check in, so lots of information moves across my screen.  (Note I didn’t say screens. I’m not using two monitors, so you communicators out there who are, hats off and my sympathies.)

The other day I bumped up against a tweet that was entirely hashtags. I say bumped up against, as not one word stood out on its own and the tweet was a mess. It was a tangle of tags, one of which, ironically, was #communications. Read more

Science or Scones, Communications Must Be Clear

Blog topics go beyond 9-5. For work related posts only, click the work tag or say hi on LinkedIn.linked_mantasmagorical_morguefile

I tweeted this piece from Marshall Shepherd yesterday: 9 Tips for Communicating Science to People Who Are Not Scientists. I shared it because Shepherd covers some fundamentals for good communications, no matter what the topic. Read more

Do You Need to Be On Twitter?  

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When you build your business or organization, a web presence is necessary. People expect  a website. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should provide the basics: who you are, what you do, and how to reach you. Beyond that, you have some choices to make. I’ve heard “We should be on Twitter” from small businesses and organizations alike.

Let’s start with the word should. Who’s the boss of your communications efforts? Who says you should be anywhere? Social media is a great way to expand your services, but you need to consider what’s a reasonable reach. Read more

MadJan Works: Let’s Go

compressedededit_profilepic_nov2016MadJan Works: Curious, pulled, motivated.

Many years of writing have taught me that effective communication connects people and ineffective communications divide people. That divide can cost someone decision-making power in important and meaningful ways: health, safety, education, and more.

I’ve started the MadJan Works to highlight good communications strategies and products in both for-profit and nonprofit worlds. I want to make the world more positively connected in ways everyone can understand.

And then there are dogs. I write about communications with them too. They may not have words, but they tell us a lot.

I have over 20 years experience in communications and I thrive on word work. On the Causes page I showcase groups I admire that are making positive change one person at a time.

This blog goes beyond 9-5 communications. If you want work related posts only, click the work tag or say hello on LinkedIn.


Janet Madsen