Welcoming Imperfection for Excellence

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I used to have a collection of quotes on the bulletin board in my office, among them “Excellence does not require perfection.” A co-worker read this aloud one day and said crisply, “Yes it does!” As a perfectionist, I had to disagree.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, in light of the start to a new year and the word I’m going to choose as background.  Intrigued by Melinda Gates’ approach of choosing a mindset rather than a resolution to guide her through the year, I chose a word for 2017. When I look back over the months, the word really did play a part, even though it wasn’t always at top of mind. For the coming year, I’m going with imperfection.  Read more

The Art of Steering Meetings Sideways  

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I recently attended a meeting with an impressive agenda and we set out with great hope. Excellent presentations prompted conversation which slowed the agenda, but it was worth it. With many interesting minds in the room, we hit many, but not every agenda item.

The facilitator remarked on the fact that even though we weren’t progressing as planned, good conversations were happening, and he was right. You could see it on everyone’s faces- discovery and connection in the shape of smiles, nods and slightly pursed foreheads that go with new ideas bubbling just below the surface. It was that energetic mix of shared knowledge and possibility. Read more