Lifelong Learning

Although I’m not a teacher, I follow some education blogs. I’m interested in how curriculum influences thinking on what’s important (or not) in society. In addition to the what of curriculum, I’m also interested in the how of teaching: what are educators doing to engage their students? What are they doing to inspire kids to become lifelong learners?

When I say a lifelong learner, I don’t mean someone goes to school forever, although I suppose it could include that if you had the money and life circumstances. I’m thinking more of the “I can do this” mindset. When I took training in adult education, an instructor of one of the courses said that working with adult learners requires a sensitivity to the fact that no adult likes to look stupid. Walking into an education event isn’t always easy; adults are supposed to be capable and know all. The idea of school in any form is daunting for some. Read more

Friday Finds: Communications for Change

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“Take Care of Yourself. Take Care of Others. Take Care of this Place.”
This was the code of conduct written on the walls at my kids’ elementary school. I took a walk through the kids’ former schoolyard this week and saw the words again. It was a good message for the kids; it’s a good message for everyone. I made the decision to walk through social media and be online thoughtfully and minimally over the past few days. I needed to moderate all the bad news. As life is (thankfully), there are always good things happening even in a storm. Here are a couple of Friday Finds on energizing social change. Read more

I Don’t Want A Christmas Puppy

Bridging Communication Divides with Dogs 

I was the kid who scrambled around the grass on all fours, pretending to be a dog. (A neighbour complained if I barked too early on Sundays.) I was the kid who wanted to pat dogs, got bitten more than once but persevered. (I knew little about dog body language.)  I wanted a happy dog smile in my life, at my side.

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