MadJan Works: Let’s Go

compressedededit_profilepic_nov2016MadJan Works: Curious, pulled, motivated.

Many years of writing have taught me that effective communication connects people and ineffective communications divide people. That divide can cost someone decision-making power in important and meaningful ways: health, safety, education, and more.

I’ve started the MadJan Works to highlight good communications strategies and products in both for-profit and nonprofit worlds. I want to make the world more positively connected in ways everyone can understand.

And then there are dogs. I write about communications with them too. They may not have words, but they tell us a lot.

I have over 20 years experience in communications and I thrive on word work. On the Causes page I showcase groups I admire that are making positive change one person at a time.

This blog goes beyond 9-5 communications. If you want work related posts only, click the work tag or say hello on LinkedIn.


Janet Madsen