I’ve worked in health communications and community development for many years and am lucky to love what I do. I believe communications should be clear, useful and respectful. Listen to your audience and meet their needs. Connect with coworkers. Build good work.

I’m committed to excellent communications in many forms (the source of my paid gigs) and in my time off the clock, communications between people and dogs. I write about both so I can do better all around.  If you want work related posts only, click the work tag or say hi on LinkedIn.

I’m driven by two words a teacher once said: “Stay curious.” I’m a partner, parent, amateur photographer and admirer of crows. I believe in the power of kindness.  I’ve lived in different parts of Canada and been coast to coast. I was born and raised in Vancouver on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish people.

Janet Madsen


All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise specified.